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Hot Liquid Dispensers

Indirect Heating – Water Level Indicator – Easy Cleaning
Double Dispenser

• If you pick Insulated Hot Liquid Dispenser for the commercial purpose, then you are possibly saving around 50% of electricity while you dispense.

• This double dispenser is available in five different variants with each individual volume.

• The temperature could be controlled quickly, and if the Drip tray is essential, it could be easily installed.

* Optional attached with Valve Dispenser also available

ITEM No. Capacity (Lt) Pcs/Ctn CBM
9228/5 5.00 1 0.054
9228/12 12.00 1 0.083
9228/20 20.00 1 0.106
9228/30 30.00 1 0.131





Machine settings password protected  Not Applicable
Automatic water filling  No
Machine cleaning options  Manual
Dispensing ratio (mixing volume) control  Manual
Temperature control available Yes
Cup count  Not Applicable
Cup count password protected Not Applicable
 Password setting options  Not Applicable
Dispensing while sub-sequent brews  No
Food grade silicone tubes  Not Applicable
Drip tray  Optional

Additional information

Brew options


Maximum allowed water input for brewing

10 litres

Brew storage capacity @ Max level

10 litres

Fresh milk capacity

12 litres

Water tank capacity

9.15 litres

lntial machine set up time

25 minutes

No. Of Cups per minute (100 ml cups)


No.of output options


Required power supply

220 – 240V AC, 15A, 50HZ

Power Consumption

2400 Watts

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