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Get hot water right when you need it, with our hot water dispensers! Our range of water dispensers add the convenience and usefulness of having hot water ready in your kitchen or during any event without the fear of spills or burns. Made from 100% food-grade stainless steel, our water dispensers come in automatic, electric, and manual variants. Their insulated walls and non-drip design ensure that the water stays hot but the dispenser body remains cool to touch. Our model of electric hot water dispenser is eco-friendly and saves up to 50% electricity. Handling and maintaining the temperature of Pradeep iBrew's hot milk dispenser is easy. You get four different types of water boiler, and at least one will be apt in your Hotel or restaurant. Ideal for home kitchens, restaurants, cafes, and all types of catering services, our dispensers can also be used for other hot liquids, apart from milk.

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Fill Type: Automatic Fill Temperature: Normal Dispensing Options: Water • When it comes to the best Automatic Hot Water Dispenser, Pradeep iBrew could offer you much more. • A hot water dispenser can help you to store the liquid at an optimal temperature that can be chosen by the user. • It will be available in two different variants and 50% efficient in consuming electricity. ITEM No. W x H x D (mm) Pcs/Ctn CBM 111550 188 x 520 x 550 1 0.100 111551 217 x 645 x 575 1 0.122   Download iBrew Catalog Send an enquiry
• Instant Hot Water Dispenser is available here in 4 Different variants. • The user can alter the dispensing ratio. The temperature of this Hot Water Dispensers can be controlled. Up to 12 litres of fresh milk can be filled in this Instant Hot Water Dispenser. • Two number of dispenser will be available here. ITEM No. Capacity (Gallon) Capacity (Lt) Pcs/Ctn CBM 7226/1G 1.00 4.50 2 0.064 7226/2G 2.00 9.00 2 0.086 7226/4G 4.00 18.00 2 0.142 7226/6G 6.00 27.00 2 0.175 7226/9G 9.00 40.00 2 0.240 Download iBrew Catalog Send an enquiry
• Stainless Steel Insulated Hot Water Dispensers are available in 5 sizes. This dispenser helps you in saving up to 50% of electricity. • You wouldn't require more than 25 minutes for the initial installation setups. • Maximum number of allowed water input for brewing up to 10 litres. Eco Green Saves Electricity upto 50% Double Wall construction with 'PUF' filled in between ITEM No. Capacity  (Gallon) Capacity (Lt) Pcs/Ctn CBM 7227/1G 1.00 4.50 1 0.031 7227/2G 2.00 9.00 1 0.041 7227/4G 4.00 18.00 1 0.068 7227/6G 6.00 27.00 1 0.086 7227/9G 9.00 40.00 1 0.129 Download iBrew Catalog Send an enquiry

Showing all 3 results

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